Online Course with Alberto Villoldo

Discover the energy medicine of the engineers of the holy world on this journey into the world of shamans.

Online Course with Alberto Villoldo

Discover the energy medicine of the engineers of the holy world on this journey into the world of shamans.

Information can help us to know why we are ill and which illnesses we have exactly. But wisdom is to know how to heal them.

In this course, you will learn the following:

How to perceive and clear your light energy field.

How to apply your consciousness beyond space and time.

How to dream your life, your health, and a new world into reality.

Experience true wisdom. Information is to know that water is H2O. For a shaman, however, only wisdom is useful – the wisdom to know how to create rain.

In western science, we are watching everything through microscopes. But what if we are looking through the wrong end of the microscope? Could we be losing sight of the big picture?

Our health is a side-effect of our way of living: our connection to nature, food, spirituality, forgiveness, beliefs.

“Shamans believe that the world is only real because we have dreamt it into being.”

Alberto Villoldo

The engineers of the holy world

More than 50,000 years ago, shamans started to explore healing. Over millennia, they accumulated more wisdom and understood more about the world and about medicine than we can comprehend by means of modern physics today.

Shamans discover the disposition of human beings in the light energy field surrounding them. It is a storage medium, the software of our life. It contains information on how we live, how we get ill, and how we die.

Shamans have found ways and developed techniques to clear this light energy field, the rewriting the history of a human being.

10 lessons that will
change your life

The history of shamanism

This lesson covers shamanism in general, the four elementary forces of creation, and how to lose the fear of death.

Light energy fields

This lesson explains what light energy fields are, how they can keep you healthy or make you ill, and how you can clear your own field to stay healthy.

The meaning of soul

In this lesson, you will learn about the relation between the light energy field and the brain, and where the soul is located. Find out how you can take care of it to, so that your brain does not lose the connection to your soul.

Chakras in shamanism

The energy system of the body and the meaning of the chakras are explained in this lesson. Learn how to clear your chakras and those of other people.

Energy medicine

The most important technique of energy medicine is called the enlightenment process. Clear your light energy field from negative energies and replace them with light.

Negative energies

In this lesson you will learn that nor every energy you perceive belongs to you. Understand how you can free yourself from such negative energies and clear yourself.

Five bands of power for you

This lesson shows you how you can use a protection ritual to protect yourself against negative energies. With Alberto’s help, you will weave various protective bands of power into your light energy field.

The pact of the shamans

Establish a connection to the World Soul and summon your healing powers with its help. Communicate with the ancestral line of the guardians of the Earth and join them in their responsibility for all beings on the planet.

The afterlife

Learn more about the shamans’ journeys into the nonphysical dimensions, and learn that the physical death of the body does not end the life of your spirit. Death is merely a gateway into another world, from which we all once came.

How to assist a dying person

In the last lesson, you will learn that birth and death have the same significance in the world of a shaman. Review, forgiveness, and the permission to die are the three major aspect you will learn about.

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Alberto Villoldo

Before he started traveling, Alberto Villoldo studied the human brain at the university of San Francisco. He examined how the mind, the brain, and the body can be kept healthy and how illnesses are caused. It became clear where psychosomatic illnesses come from. But how could the body, the mind, and the soul be healed?

These considerations inspired him to look for alternative approaches – views of space and time that were different from those in our western culture. So he started to research the differences in the perception of space and time in different cultures.

So he left his lab, packed his suitcase and traveled into the Amazonian jungle. During his journeys, he met many shamans, not only in the Amazonas region, but also in the Andes, in Africa, Indonesia, and Brazil.

He met people who were capable of healing the body and maintaining health only with the power of their mind and by using herbal substances.

He learned a lot from them, first as a medical anthropologist, later as a student of the shamans.