Do you want build your Shamanic Life Journey?

After learning the Shamanic Toolkit, do you want to dive deeper into the Shamanic wisdom?
Extend your being and integrate the Shamanic Life into your daily life.

«Building Your Shamanic Life Journey» is designed to give you powerful insights into the life of a shaman. You will learn how to be connected to the field of wisdom, to heal your physical body, clear the imprints of disease, break-free of a past that no longer serves you, erase the family dramas and health tragedies, hack the Biofield, find the Source of all Wounds, meet the Jaguar, and much more …

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Starting in February 18th 2019
You can be part of the very first online class.

«Building Your Shamanic Life Journey» – Starting February 2019

Be the first worldwide!

Certified training

Receive a Certificate of Attendance in Shamanic Detox & Ancestral Therapy.

Upgrading Your Biology

Learn to work with the energetic matrix that informs the body and carries your genetic inheritance and possible destiny

Four Winds Faculty

Access to Four Winds Faculty to answer your questions and guide your studies.

What will you create for yourself in this online course?

Heal and clean

Experience practices that heal your emotions and clean up your relationships.

Ancient techniques

Learn ancient energy medicine techniques such as hacking the Biofield, finding the Source of all Wounds, burning Karma, switching on the Longevity Genes and much more

7 live-online-sessions

This education program includes 7 live-online-sessions with the team of master teachers of the Four Winds Faculty. These live sessions were created to give you in-depth instructions, demonstrations and to deeply examine your personal issues with some of the teachings.

Brain, genes and longevity

Discover which superfoods and neuronutrients upgrade the brain and switch on the genes that create health and promote longevity

Bonus 1

10-Day Detox to heal your body

Bonus 2

Ancestral Constellation

More Bonuses

2 Powerful Audio Meditation Downloads and more

This is a great way to learn the foundations of modern-day shamanism and the tools you can use right away to begin walking your shamanic path. Come and help usher in a new paradigm of physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

60 days Money-back guarantee!

$999 instead of $1899

Starting in February 18th 2019
You can be part of the very first online class.